Blowing Beads a Lampwork Tutorial- By Astrid Riedel

Blowing Beads a Lampwork Tutorial- By Astrid Riedel

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 " Blowing Beads"  A tutorial.  Download available after purchase is completed. 

It is my pleasure to introduce you to " Blowing beads"
The tutorial is aimed for the intermediate and advanced bead makers. For those of you that have been to my workshops I am sure this will be a great supplement to reinforce and remind you of the techniques you learned.

I have been making blown beads for at least 5 years and taught many students across the world to blow beads.

Once you have mastered the basic technique of blowing a round bead, you can move forward and create other shapes.

The tutorials are easy to follow with photographs and texts
The photos are taken through a didymium lense to cancel out the sodalime flare.
This tutorial does not cover decorating of the beads.
It's is primarily to teach you to make blown beads in different shapes.

For ease of downloading I zipped the pdf's into one file
1 Introduction and base tutorial
2 Blowing the Round bead from a gather
3 Blowing the Lentil shaped bead
4 Blowing the XL disc shaped bead
5 Blowing the tapered tube bead

Tools required to do this tutorial:

1x6mm stainless steel blowpipe with an inner dimension of 4mm wall tickness 1mm
1x3-4mm stainless steel blow pipe
Tongs with fire resistant fabric to grab your bead,
Spare mandrel or thin punty
Transparent glass, such as blue or clear.
Vermiculite or fiber blanket
Parallel mashers at least 5cm square or our custom
made parallel mashers they are 7cm round discs
XL lentil press 18mm deep

COE 104 glass 

We custom make the XL Parallel mashers as seen in the tut.The cost is $95 incl shipping with DHL express.

The individual tutorials are available as instant PDF's downloads once payment is made.
Go to your order after you paid and you will find all a zipp file  ready for instant download!

Unfortunately I cannot accept any returns, due to the fact that is digital information.
If you have any question please contact me.
Please respect my work and efforts not to copy or forward it to any other person.
These tutorials are for your personal benefit to increase your skills and not to TEACH or be used in workshops. Thank you :)

Astrid Riedel

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