Face it series

Welcome to my "Face it"  series!

My Face beads are really unique and a tecnique I developed some years ago. I have taught this aross the world and I see some of my students making wonderful designs of their own.

I love working with enamels in my beads, and I have found a way to apply the enamels to a hot bead whilst working in the Flame!

It allows me to paint a picture with powders, nothing is painted with a brush, not firing in the kiln to melt the enamel powders. The difficulty is that the colours change as they get hot, so it is tricky to create an image without seeing the true colours till the bead is cold.

It does make it exciting to open the kiln after the bead has anealled to see if what I imagined has come out the way I hoped for. 

I spend 2-3 hours in one session at the torch to "paint" my image and to create a bead with a depth of colour and subtle blendings.